Ben Q. Adams at Western Graphics Workshop, Inc.


1942 - 2017


Ben Q. Adams, artist, publisher and master printer, is founder and director of Western Graphics Workshop, Inc. He studied painting and printmaking at the University of New Mexico and was awarded a Ford Foundation fellowship to study lithography at Tamarind Institute in 1972 and was awarded a  Tamarind Master Printer’s Certificate in 1973.  Adams then accepted a position as a master printer with Tamarind publications. In 1975 he resigned his position to found Western Graphics Workshop and pursue his own work.

A native New Mexican, Adams’ paintings, drawings and lithographs reflect his love of the southwestern landscape, with its radiant light, vivid colors and rich textures, as well as a way of life that is clearly tied to the earth, past and present.  Adams works are in the permanent collections of the Oakland Museum, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Phoenix Art Museum, Grunewald Collection in Los Angeles, Goddard Center for the Fine Arts, Albuquerque Museum, San Jose Museum, Denver Art Museum and Roswell Museum and Art Center as well as other institutions and private collections


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Ben Q. Adams