Western Graphics Workshop, Inc. / Virtual Gallery Information




Western Graphics Workshop, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of Virtual Gallery, an online service specifically designed to aid collectors in selling works of art. We have had numerous requests from collectors asking us to place their works of art for sale and now Virtual Gallery makes it possible for collectors to show and sell their artwork to buyers around the world.


Selling your art on our site is easy. We need only a good quality photograph and contact information. We then handle the transaction, acting as agent for both the seller and buyer, we know that both will be completely satisfied.


As an introduction to Virtual Gallery we are waiving all costs for the set up fees.


Our transaction procedure is simple. We sell the art to an interested collector. We process the purchaser's credit card or receive a check, which must first clear the bank. You, the seller, will then be asked to ship the art to us. You pay the shipping. We then inspect the artwork and if approved, we ship it to the purchaser, who pays the shipping charges from us to them. We then pay you, the seller, by company check, your net minus our 30% commission.


After you have listed your art work with Virtual Gallery, we will be happy to help you with price information if necessary. However, we are interested in placing your ad only if you are realistic and willing to sell your art at a fair market value.


For your ad we will need a 35 mm photograph or you may email us a .jpg image. Also, photographing art work through glass should be avoided because of glare and reflections that can interfere with the quality of the image. For the best results take photographs outside in natural light.


After you have listed your artwork, we ask that you contact us by email.. For urgent sales we will be happy to include an appropriate sticker such as "Illness Forces Sale", "Estate Sale", etc.


If you need help with shipping after a sale is made, we will be happy to provide professional advice and/or instructions for properly handling the artwork. If needed, we can provide shipping containers for works on paper and /or custom-made crates which we can ship to you. Charges for this service will depend on the packaging and/or crating required. This service is being offered to those collectors who do not have the time or desire to deal with shipping a valuable work of art. However, it is the seller's responsibility to properly package the work and insure it against damage. Virtual Gallery assumes no responsibility for art work shipped by the seller.